The Girl With All the Gifts

By: Miss Luckow

Going into this book, I knew nothing about what to expect. I knew it was a zombie novel and that it got good reviews. What I got was a heart-warming zombie novel that explores what it means to be human. 17235026

Taking place in a near-future after an epidemic spreads around the world, turning most humans into zombies, a girl named Melanie sits in her cell and awaits for her daily routine of going to school, showering and going back to her room. The only thing she knows is that she feels  love from her teacher Ms. Junstineau and that something isn’t right when students start disappearing.

From there, the story takes off in a fast-pace looking at this world from multiple perspectives, creating a complex world with even more harrowing issues that each character has to face, including the demons within themselves.

Each character is absolutely fascinating and so well developed and I became deeply attached to each one of them. This book made me feel all the feels possible and just left me in shock when it was over.

I can’t even begin to recommend this book enough.

5/5 stars 


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