Girl Walks Into A Bar

By: Mrs. McLean

Rachel Dratch’s Girl Walks Into a Bar was supposed to just be a quick, easy read over Spring Break for me. I love Rachel Dratch, but I did not expect much in the way of connections or themes. Boy, was I wrong.


Girl Walks Into a Bar is funny without being just schtick. It is thought-provoking without being touchy-feely. It is inspiring without being a sob story. So often I think famous people all have a similar Cinderella story. They have a goal, they pay their dues, and eventually they make it. Hooray! The end! Happily ever after! Rachel Dratch is different though. She had a goal, she paid her dues, and she made it, but she goes further. She goes on to describe her “Now what?” Dratch is brutally real about her life post-SNL. She discusses her struggles to find meaningful work and meaningful relationships in way that while a little self-deprecating is also relatable.


4/5 stars


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