milk and honey

By: Miss Luckow

This collection of poetry and prose by Rupi Kaur is split into four chapters ranging from pain to love to healing. Her poems are paired with simple illustrations to23513349 bring the reader through the darkest moments of her life and find the sweetness in them.

I have been trying to find more modern poetry to read lately and it’s been a struggle to find an author that doesn’t come off as pretentious or trying too hard.

This collection was exactly what I was looking for. Kaur hits all of your emotions with a punch that’s cathartic in a way that is accessible and relatable.

Some poems, I actually cheered afterwards because someone was finally perfectly putting into words feelings I’ve never been able to.

The illustrations that are paired with some of the poems are super simplistic as to not distract from the words and are a nice pairing to the messages throughout.

I would highly recommend this collection of poetry to people who love poetry and to people who have never read a poem in their lives.

5/5 stars



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