By: Ms. Unterholzner
Bonechiller by Graham McNamee is your classic thriller. It has 294 pages with a lexile level of 580. It is a great book that gets your attention and makes it fun to read.
It starts in the middle of NOWHERE and follows the main character Danny who has been jumping from place to place for awhile witbonechillerh his dad. Before you know it, you start to question exactly what kind of book is this? A book about people out for vengeance? A book about people who have gone crazy in the dead of winter? How can the characters be doing and seeing what they are doing and seeing? How many “ghosts” of the past can come to haunt the each of them?
I enjoy this book and love to look for textual clues as to what is going to happen next. Mr. McNamee does a wonderful job of keeping the plot twist and turns fresh and new.
I recommend the book to anyone looking for a light fun read.
4/ 5 stars

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