Buddha Boy

By: Ms. Unterholzner
Buddha Boy by Kathe Koja is an ALA “Best Book for Young Adults” winner. It has a lexile level of 1090 and is a fairly quick read at a 128 pages.
BuddhaThe book mirrors a typical middle to upper class high school and the struggles of bullying, cliques, finding out who you are, what you believe in, and what you are willing to take a stand for.
The book is primarily focused on the two main characters Justin and ‘Buddha Boy’. Justin gets assigned to do a group project with Buddha Boy which we can all relate to. He plans to do what he must, finish the work quickly, and get away from the new freak in school ASAP. Yet the more Justin gets to know Buddha Boy and why he does not wear a coat in the winter and begs for money at lunch the more Buddha Boy – Jinsen – shows Justin what life is about.
This book was fairly enjoyable but a bit predictable for me. I always enjoy seeing a character struggle with their inner self and evolve into something better while simultaneously battling the culture around them. However, the book held very few surprise outcomes. Something I truly love.
3.5 / 5 Stars

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