Lottery Rose

By: Ms. Unterholzner
Lottery Rose is 185 page young adult fiction written by Irene Hunt. It has a lexile level of 1070.
It is not a new book to the reading scene but remains a great one. Lottery Rose is a lotteryroseNewberry Award winner that allows teens who have gone through some more serious life struggles that they have managed to hide or keep covered express and process those memories and emotions through the main character 7 year old Georgie Burgess. It may help others realize how fortunate their lives have been. It also builds discussion on how critical community is and that we have a responsibility to one another.
Georgie Burgess finds himself disliked by his teacher, marked as “retarded”, abused and neglected in his home, and mistrusting of all adults. He has one love in his life and it is flowers. Through a twist of fate he is able to reach his dream and discover he is lovable and able to love.
I truly enjoy this book of self discovery and healing. The idea that no matter how badly things have gone you will survive and attain what you may have once believed was impossible.

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