Teaching Students to Read Like Detectives

Blog Post Contributed by David Dybdahl
Teaching Students to Read Like Detectives is a good literacy review book for any teacher, especially those who teach reading and writing.  It reviews a lot of basic literary concepts such as genre, setting, dialogue, literary devices, etc. and explains why eac51xnti8pdilh one is important to the reader.  The book covers literacy strategies for narrative texts (Thinking aloud, book clubs and lit circles, dialectical journals, and socratic seminars) and expository texts (Thinking aloud, text impressions, reciprocal teaching).
This book also does a great job of discussing the importance of having the students interact with the text.  It reminds us that each reader brings a unique background to class, and their own experiences make meaning of the text.  Students bring different backgrounds and viewpoints than that of their teacher, and teachers should not guide students toward the “right” answer.  Comprehension begins with making connections.  While this book did not introduce many new concepts or strategies, it was still a good read as a review.  This would be a good book for college students going into education.

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